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Pool is making a come back

by The Tornado Club Fans on 05/15/16

I believe pool is making a comeback in the modern world.  In fact,  all the billiard fans around the world are ready for pool secrets they have never seen or heard of before.  GO POOL!!!

Comments (6)

1. 6ballSweetie said on 5/16/16 - 10:07PM
I just saw Pool Hall Junkies with my bf, it was awesome!
2. ric said on 5/19/16 - 03:03PM
Pool never lost it. Plus it will be huge in the next Olympics!
3. TawPaul said on 5/21/16 - 10:23AM
There should be more pool movies lik the ones Tom Cruise made was by far a classic, it will forever be a historical film about pool and hustling.
4. Joethehustler said on 5/28/16 - 02:37AM
The movie The Hustler with Paul Newman was the best pool movie, I recommend all pool fans to watch the film when you get a chance.
5. Chad79 said on 5/31/16 - 12:52AM
Paul Newman made two pool movies The Hustler and Color of Money both are not bad of a story.
6. ChipperJonez said on 6/17/16 - 12:12AM
There are big tourny in Canada. Big one coming up 200,000 dollar added.

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