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Would you rather be a hustler or a player?

by The Tornado Club Fans on 05/15/16

I would rather be a player because hustlers looks like they have a lot more work.. I dunno, maybe being a hustler is fun? 

Comments (12)

1. paulhustle said on 5/16/16 - 09:26PM
Hustlers sound cooler bro!
2. PoolfanTommy said on 5/17/16 - 01:31AM
The old movie by Paul Newman The Hustle is a movie everyone should see
3. ric said on 5/19/16 - 02:59PM
I want to be both, so I can talk smack
4. Joethehustler said on 5/28/16 - 02:40AM
Pool is a gambling game. It is filled with hustlers and gamblers. They make the game fun. I just play when I can and I enjoy it everytime. Everyone should come to Steinway in NYC sometimes when you visit New York!
5. Chad79 said on 5/31/16 - 12:49AM
It is hard to be a hustler these days. You never really know who can beat you.
6. h41ter said on 6/1/16 - 08:36AM
Pool sucks, i dispise hustlers. They are all bunch of degenerates and smell like drunken vomit.
7. Fatboytim said on 6/2/16 - 12:08AM
I think you just suck. Don't hate. I beat you fair a square everytime.
8. DaveT said on 6/17/16 - 12:15AM
I enjoy gambling instead of tournament cause it is more social and you get to win what you can bet. I just cant stand dealing with jackasses that talks a lot before and after the games unless theres alcohol then im okay with it
9. teamflasher said on 6/17/16 - 12:20AM
Leagues are more fun, i was just down at the Harrah's event in Atlantic City! many players from several states tough competetion tonigh
10. dahustler said on 6/22/16 - 12:50AM
It is what some people live for. It is a way of life!
11. OldChiagoplayer said on 6/22/16 - 10:07PM
The old hustler movies including the movie with Fats are available at this site http://www.chicagobilliardmuseum.org/
12. moviefan said on 6/24/16 - 01:27AM
I get collect legendary pool movies now, nice find on site thanks!

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